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Double bracelent Karma Symbols - Abalone

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Double wrist bracelet made of natural stones and silicone cord. For accent we put small medallions with different symbolism.

  •     Size: versatile
  •     Stones size: 8mm
  •     The jewelery is delivered in beautiful individual gift wrapping.
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  •     When ordering more than 99euro. Delivery in Bulgaria is FREE // For orders over 199euro - customer discount 10%.


Mystical properties: A stone that has been part of Asian philosophy for centuries. It is often called "dream stone" because of its ability to support access to spiritual spheres. It is a stone providing protection and acting as a shield against negative energies.
Jadeite is considered a lucky stone that brings peace and harmony between the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. When all these aspects work in harmony and balance, goals are much easier to achieve. He encourages courage, compassion, justice, generosity and humility, all of which leads to a richer and more fulfilling life.

Healing properties: Jadeite is considered a stone of heart. It strengthens the kidneys, the nervous system, the immune system and strengthens the organs that purify the blood.
All tinge colors are known to have very strong soothing vibrations and protect children from disease.

Zodiac: Libra, Pisces, Cancer

Chakras: Heart

TURQUOISE - the Stone of Communication

Mystical Properties: It strengthens and aligns the chakras and cleanses our energy centers. If you use it in meditation, stone can help to free your mind to the universe. The Indians believed that turquoise has great defenses, especially against evil eyes. They called it "heavenly stone". The vibration of turquoise can build a spiritual bridge between the worlds and give powerful psychic powers to the wearer. Turquoise is considered a symbol of generosity, sincerity and affection. He keeps friendships and makes enemies friends with time. When it is received as a gift, the stone brings wealth and happiness.
Healing properties: Turquoise counteracts the effect of poison. Master healer and stone of Yin (feminine energy), it is most useful for women's diseases. Used to prevent and treat headaches. Turquoise is a strong stone that tones and strengthens the whole body and regenerates tissues. According to tradition, this stone reflects the health of the body and the aura by changing its color.

Chakras: Throat
Zodiac: Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio and Aquarius


Mystical properties: Sunstone has a strong positive effect on the psyche and promotes good mood, cheerfulness and good temper. It provides the necessary endurance and energy to deal with tasks that, without the use of stone, would make you look discouraging.
It raises self-esteem and helps its owner discover his own nature and live according to her. It will help you build a positive attitude towards your own life and bring the sunny side of your personality to the forefront. Wear sunburn when you have difficulty saying "no" to others and constantly making sacrifices for them. It will free you from feeling that you are being discriminated against, disadvantaged or abandoned. It will increase your confidence and will give you confidence, optimism and enthusiasm. Even the most irrepressible pessimist will look with other eyes of the world after he begins to wear sun-stone.
Healing properties: Sunstone increases its own healing powers. It stimulates the vegetative nervous system and improves the harmonious functioning of all body organs. It is very useful when you feel exhausted due to lack of sleep. Helps in chronic sore throats and relieves pain caused by stomach ulcers. Relieves cartilage problems, rheumatism and pains throughout the body. Solar Stone will free you from depression and feelings of discrimination and failure, enhancing self-esteem and self-esteem. This stone has particularly strong healing properties when used in daylight in direct sunlight.

Chakras: umbilical chakra and solar plexus
Energy: Yang
Zodiac: Leo

JASPER - the Stone of Care

Mystical Features: Jasper removes all the negative energy accumulated in the body. Protects against "lessons" and evil forces. Removes fatigue and increases overall tone, exacerbates intuition and concentration.

Healing properties: According to modern lithotherapy, jasper stimulates and heals the female reproductive system. It is also used to treat diabetes, bile problems and hepatitis. Worn as an ornament strengthens the immune system, protects against anxiety and stress and stimulates the glands with internal secretion.

Chakras: depending on the color: yellow-plexus; Red-root; Red-brown-sacral; Green-heart.
Zodiac: Aries, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio



The mother of pearl is a substance that forms the inner layer of pearl shells. He is more relaxed than the pearls in terms of the properties of the energy field. Caring for the family by raising the role of the woman and the mother in it, emphasizing her femininity, dedication, beauty and tenderness.
The herb possesses a favorable bioresonance with women, with the female beginning. Jewelry from mother of pearl is very suitable for women's introvertness. It helps them overcome the closeness and preserve the purely feminine qualities and charm.

Zodiac Signs: Suitable for all of the Zodiacs, but especially favorable to Aquarius.

* The properties and meaning of all the stones in this site are listed for informational purposes only. They should not replace qualified medical care and treatment. The information presented on the site is fully collected from various sources and is for reference only.



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