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Long Necklace Hamsa

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Long necklace from the Boho Chic line, made of natural semi-precious stones, wooden beads, metal elements and a dark brown leather tassel.

  •     Length of the necklace: 34 cm (in fastening) + possibility of extension.
  •     Length of the tassel: 8 cm.
  •     Size of the stones: 6 mm.
  •     The jewelery is delivered in beautiful individual gift wrapping
  •     DISCOUNTS:
  •     When ordering more than 99 euro. Delivery in Bulgaria is FREE // For orders over 199 euro - customer discount 10%.

TURQUISE - the Stone of the Communication

Mystical Properties: It strengthens and aligns the chakras and cleanses our energy centers.Turquoise is considered a symbol of generosity, sincerity and affection. He keeps friendships and makes enemies friends with time. When it is received as a gift, the stone brings wealth and happiness.
Healing properties: Turquoise counteracts the effect of poison. Master healer and stone of Yin (female energy), it is most useful for female diseases. Used to prevent and treat headaches. Turquoise is a strong stone that tones and strengthens the whole body and regenerates tissues.

Chakras: Throat
 Zodiac: Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio and Aquarius


Hamsa is a Middle Eastern symbol dating back to ancient times, designed to protect us from bad eyes, bad luck, and the envy of others. In fact, the amulet is found all over the world. Hindus call it Humus, and the Hebrews are Hamas. The Islamic world calls it the Hand of Fatima, and the myth of it comes from here: according to the legend, Fatima stirred the eating of the fire when the husband entered the girl's house (at that time Muslims were allowed to have up to 4 wives), she scared , Dropped the wooden spoon and started mixing the food with her hand without paying attention to the pain she was causing. Since then, the hand has been a symbol of patience and faith, and of action, power, power, and protection. It symbolizes the five pillars of religion - faith, prayer, pilgrimage, fasting and charity. This is one of the strong amulets that has a stopping effect of negative energy not only on the owner of the amulet but also on his property.


* The properties and meaning of all the stones in this site are listed for informational purposes only. They should not replace qualified medical care and treatment. The information presented on the site is fully collected from various sources and is for reference only.


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