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5-layer bracelet Bohemian chic - Silver Dust

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  • ONIX

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Bracelet from the Bohemian chic collection made of natural grey leather and semi-precious stones.

  •     Length: Three fastening options between 81/81/87 cm are provided.
  •     Size of stones: 6mm.
  •     It is advisable not to get wet!
  •     The jewelery is delivered in beautiful individual gift wrapping.                                                         
  •     DISCOUNT:
  •     When ordering more than 99 euro. Delivery in Bulgaria is FREE // For orders over 199 euro - customer discount 10%.

ONIX - the Stone of Self-Improvement and Self-Control

Mystical Properties: It is very useful for businessmen and business people who are enterprising and donate them with wisdom, moderation, courage and purposefulness. Helps to control emotions and negative thoughts. It is also considered as an advocate for the elderly who protects against trouble, and loneliness helps to escape from his loneliness.

Healing properties: Provides beneficial effects in inflammatory skin processes - abscesses, fungi, inflammations. Worn in the form of a jewel, it exacerbates the hearing, removes the noise in the ears and strengthens the memory. It is used in diseases of the nervous system and depression.

Chakras: Root
Zodiac: Virgo, Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius, Capricorn


Magic Properties: Labrador is a stone that provokes brave dreams, helps to reach and makes impossible. Protect from unpleasant situations and from negative people. It helps to achieve autonomy and shake off uncertainty, building patience and perseverance.

Healing properties: It is called the universal physician, helping to improve the work of all internal organs. Recommended for problems with the skeletal system - joint diseases, radiculitis, discopathy; With problems with the excretory system, the kidneys and the prostate; Infertility and impotence. Worn in the shape of a jewel strengthens the nervous system.

Chakras: solar plexus and root
Zodiac: Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio


HEMATITE - the Stone of Happiness

Mystical Properties: Despite its associations with blood, hematite is also known as the stone of mind. It carries with it a grounding and calming energy, which in turn creates the organization and focus of the mind. Helps for original logical thinking and enhances mathematical knowledge. It reduces negativity and helps to balance the mind, body and spirit. Strong energy stone, suggests optimism, will and courage. It leads to a favorable outcome of litigation and disputes. Also known as a psychic defense, placed next to the bed, he will stop any mental attack and negativity directed at you while you are unprotected during sleep.

Healing properties: A universal healer that activates vital energy throughout the body. It has been used in ancient medicine for diseases of the bloodstream and diseases of the organs associated with its spleen, liver, kidneys. Hematite stimulates the absorption of iron from the small intestine, which in turn improves the oxygen supply to the body. Never carry HematitE into inflammation of any kind, as it may exacerbate it.

Chakra: root and sacral
Zodiac: Aries, Aquarius, Scorpio


* The properties and meaning of all the stones in this site are listed for informational purposes only. They should not replace qualified medical care and treatment. The information presented on the site is fully collected from various sources and is for reference only.


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