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About Us

Life is a miracle, Life is Love, Life is freedom ॐ

How we started?

There was so much positive energy in one place that just had to come to reality. Two sisters who have decided that they can make the world more beautiful. And another sister (a soul one) who joined them during this adventure ♥

What inspires us?

In our jewelry we put a little of everything - love, inspiration, imagination, energy from the nature and always something more... we have our little secrets, small treasures that make the day nicer. Therefore we put medallions with different messages that give a finished look and integrity of each jewel. Each bracelet, necklace and pair of earrings are unique - like people on earth.

Who we are?

Siddharta Art as a brand has come to stand for finding the freedom of living your life outside the box. It stands for believing in dreams, and breathing life into them. It stands for being your own person, making your own path, and creating a lifestyle that works for you. Explore, express yourself, ready, get set, go!


Hi, I am Lina and I am the creator of Siddharta Art Brand. I am a dreamer, photographer and artist, inspired by the nature and its divine creations. I believe in the universe enregy, in LOVE and soul freedom ♥


Hi, I am Nora, a free spirited bohemian who loves : flowers, sports, vintage, chocolate... Bohemian style is a state of mind that I believe in!


I believe in happiness & that smile is the perfect make up.I believe in miracles & that every day should start with eyes wide open for fairytales and positive vibes.Totally into exploring new destinations & in love with my sweet British shorthair :*


Wear your jewels with love!


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